2nd September 2018


So when a customer asked if we would fit a log cabin in Falmouth, of course we said yes !

The majority of the time we deliver and install within 20 miles radius of our show site, however when a customer had seen an existing log cabin that we had installed for one of their friends, they contacted us to see if we would design and install for them, however being not just down the road but in Falmouth ! Our lovely team of fitters are always up for a road trip so after clearing it with their families, the order was taken and the road trip was booked !

So the delivery had taken place all the way from Holland, directly to the customers house in preparation for our arrival. A base was laid by the customer and after an early morning and a long drive, our fitters arrived.

After a quick refreshment, they started unpacking the building and began the installation. Once the building work starts, the building goes up fairly quickly and its quick to see how the building will look.

Our log cabins are built board by board by our expert team. Our experienced fitters, Rob and Rich, have been fitting all our garden buildings for over 20 years with us and are very much part of the family here at coastal.

We have supplied Lugarde buildings nearly as long as they have. Lugarde have been producing top quality garden buildings since 1978. Okay so only a year older than me and yes I’m pending the big 40 next year ! Any ideas on how to get on with that are welcome ! Thats another subject for another day……

Around about 90 % of the products we make are custom made. With Lugarde having their own factory, we can supply whatever bespoke design is required and the great news is… there’s no extra charge for bespoke design. Your garden, your way…..

For a top-quality summerhouse, the very best timber is required. Lugarde uses quality timber sourced from northern countries. The cold climate makes the wood extremely strong.

Sustainability is a very important issue for us too. That’s why Lugarde only buy from PEFC/FSC certified timber suppliers. Our modern techniques allow us to limit waste and reuse residual waste. In addition, for every tree felled, we replant 1.2 new trees.

So a quick phone call from the office to ensure the build goes smoothly and a call to our customer to ensure that they are happy with the our service so far. Of course they were delighted !

As we are a family run business, we want to deliver an exceptional personal experience for our customers. We have a unique local reputation and pride ourselves with our professional standards, from the initial communication with our friendly sales team, to the final installation by our tidy and polite fitters.

The build is nearing completion, so after a few days of installation ,we only think its fair to allow our fitters to relax in the evening after a hard days work, looking over the views of Falmouth with a Cornish beer…or two ! No hangovers here though, best behavior always with our trusted team. We pride ourselves with our excellent team, from our polite and friendly sales staff, Francesca and Allie, right through to all our fitters, who always represent us and who we are, beautifully. We have such great reviews about our staff, just check out our checkatrade page.

With the build nearly completed, all that there is left to do, is to clear up the site. We even take all the rubbish away with us, leaving you with a beautiful building that you can start dressing straight away.

Did you know we offer options of providing you with pre-treatments on your garden building ? We can supply your lugarde building untreated, unless you stipulate otherwise. You can, however, opt to have your building treated in the factory, which is a great option and also environmentally-friendly. It also saves time and as soon as the build is complete, you can of course move straight in !




And there you go… another log cabin designed and installed . Now with the project completed , its just the long drive home. Just in time for another build before the weekend !…..sorry boys, no rest just yet !

Goodbye Falmouth, its been fun !