23rd August 2018


Fabulous Lawn Transformation

Our clients were fed up with their patchy lawn making their otherwise pretty and secluded garden look untidy.  Having purchased both a shed and an arbour from Coastal they were keen for us to install their Namgrass lawn, complete with gravel and sleeper borders.

In the before image you can see that the lawn is tired and patchy. It’s crying out for an overhaul.

After the original lawn has been taken up along with a layer of soil, the ground is leveled ready for the next stage of the process.

A weed membrane and a layer of limestone is put down and leveled.

At this point the Namgrass is laid and left to settle overnight.

Next morning, we added the gravel around the edges along with the sleepers to make an attractive border.

A fine grain sand was brushed into the Namgrass to prevent it from becoming flat.

I think you will agree with us that the finished lawn looks amazing.  A job well done by our fitting team.