7th July 2018

Fed up with mowing your lawn?

Join the increasing number of people choosing Namgrass artificial grass to replace their tired lawns.

Our experienced team of fitters have just completed their latest Namgrass artificial lawn project and we have to say it looks fantastic!!

Before –


After –

Don’t know what this entails, well read on….

Stage 1 – Clear the site

We remove any old turf and dispose of responsibly for you. We then dig out and level ready for the next stage.

Stage 2 – Ground preparation

You will need an edge to lay the Namgrass up to.  This may already be there, if not any type of lawn edging is suitable from timber battens to brick pavers.

We then level a layer of limestone dust and compact it down firmly.

A weed membrane is then installed.

Stage 3 – Time for the grass

The Namgrass is positioned and rolled out over the area, overlapping the edges.  Joining tape is used to fix any joins.  We then allow the Namgrass to settle.

We then cut the edges in using a trimming knife, glue may be needed to stick the Namgrass to the edging if required.

Stage 4 – Final touches

The Namgrass is then brushed back to lift the pile.

Kiln dried sand is then brushed into the Namgrass adding weight and stability

Your new low maintenance lawn is now ready for you to enjoy!