12th June 2018

Make a statement with your shed

More and more people are choosing to paint their sheds and summerhouses.  Whether you like bright colours or prefer a more muted shade, whatever your taste it will lift what is otherwise a relatively boring but functional building.


What paint to use?

In order to prolong the life or your building, here at Coastal Garden buildings we recommend using Sadolin Superdec paint which comes in an array of different colours. Some decorators’ merchants will even mix the colour of your choice.  The options are endless!

How long will it last?

Depending on where your shed or summerhouse is situated would determine how often your building would need repainting but as a general rule it is recommend that your building will need repainting every 3-4 years.


If you are painting your existing shed you will need to ensure that it is clean.  Wipe or brush away any debris, mud and any spiders webs.  Remove any algae or fungi with an appropriate cleaner.

If painting a new shed it will already be prepared for painting so go for it!

Paint your shed!

Always paint your shed in dry conditions where the temperature is greater than 5 degrees.  Paint in the direction of the wood grain and slowly move around until all of the shed is covered, then wait for the first coat to dry completely.  If using Sadolin superdec it is recommended to leave 12 hours between coats.  Once left, the shed will be ready for its second and final coat.  Apply it the same way as the first.

If you wish to use multiple colours on the same wall, mask the areas off and paint the colour to the exposed area.  Wait for it to dry then remove the covers and then paint the other colour/s.

Enjoy your new shed!