25th March 2018

Need help choosing your new greenhouse?

Wood was always the traditional choice, with cedar greenhouses being the most popular option.  Cedar has a distinct smell which many people like and a softer appearance to aluminium greenhouses.  Wooden greenhouses also have insulation properties keeping the greenhouse cool in the summer and warmer during the winter months.


Modern aluminium greenhouses prove very popular due to them being affordable, strong and if required, taken down and rebuilt.  Aluminium doesn’t rust so can go on forever.  To avoid the aluminium oxidising and dulling, powder coating is now an option and available in an array of colours to suit every taste.

There are many styles in both cedar and aluminium greenhouses to choose from lean-to models to more ornate Victorian styles.

The positioning of your greenhouse is very important:

  • Position your greenhouse in the sunniest area of your garden not in the shadow of a building
  • In a sheltered area away from high winds or under trees
  • If you are buying a lean-to greenhouse always place on a south facing wall
  • Near to both a water and electricity source

Other things to think about when purchasing your greenhouse.

  • Glazing – horticultural glass is the cheapest option but also can break easily. Toughened glass is much stronger than horti glass and the safest as it breaks into tiny pieces.
  • Staging – staging and shelving is very useful for potting up and other jobs. Many people choose to have it along one side of their greenhouse.
  • Ventilation – its important to keep the temperature of your greenhouse under 27° In order to do this roof and louvred wall vents are recommended. Auto openers are useful if you are away for periods of time.
  • Heating – this all depends on what you will be growing. Temperature and be regulated using a combination of heating, ventilation and insulation.

What size greenhouse do you need?

Always try and purchase the largest greenhouse that your garden and budget will allow.  Although a small greenhouse is better than no greenhouse at all!

Here at Coastal Garden Buildings we have a large number of greenhouses on display.  We are agents for Alton Cedar greenhouses and Elite and Robinsons for aluminium greenhouses.  Visit us today to see for yourself.