Plan & Design

We wanted to help you by detailing the rules of planning permission for garden buildings. There are many kinds of garden buildings that can be designed and built for your garden without the need for any planning permission.

We are very experienced regarding planning, so if you have any questions, please call us to chat through any questions you may have.

Current guidelines are detailed below. Information supplied is a guide only and we would always recommend contacting your local authority for further confirmation.

  • Any building that is positioned within 2 metres of your boundary must not exceed 2.5m high. We can help you to design a building to be under 2.5m high to keep within these guidelines and we can even design buildings with a flat roof.
  • Any building that is positioned more than 2 metres away from your boundary, must not exceed 4 metres high and we have a large range of buildings to keep within this height.
  • You must apply for planning for separate self-contained living accommodation.
  • You must apply for planning permission if your house is listed or you live within a conservation area.
  • Generally, for garden structures over 30 sq m internally you will need building regulation approval. However, any building that has external walls made of combustible material and exceeds 15 sq m internally, must be sited with a minimum distance of 1 metre from any boundary. This is to limit the spread of fire.
  • Total area covered by buildings must not exceed 50% of the garden.