Albany Bikestore & Wallsheds

Bikestore with apex roof
Framed and braced double doors
Tongue and groove shiplap including roof and floor
Size 7′ (w) x 3′ (d) – approximately 2.1m (w) x 0.9m (d)

Single & Double Wallshed
Free standing lean to type building
Cladding 12mm
Lock slide bolt
Framed and braced single door in the front
Tongue and grooved shiplap throughout
Single Size 3′ (w) x 2′.6″ (d) – approximately 0.90m (w) x 0.76m (d)
Double Size 6′ (w) x 2′.6″ (d) – approximately 1.8m (w) x 0.76m (d)


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