Malvern Studio Apex Summerhouse

Double doors with fixed glass to ground windows in the front and two glass to ground opening vented windows, one each side
Double glazed units with 4mm toughened glass
Chrome ironmongery
14″ front roof overhang, Five lever mortice lock, Lockable windows and doors, Heavy duty green felt Tongue & groove timber roof and floor, High quality timber treatment. Pressure treated floor joists

A wide range of sizes to choose from

Sizes from 8′(w) x 6′(d) – approximately 2.5m (w) x 1.8m(d)


Cladding options including pressure treatment Coloured painted finish – wide selection of colours Cedar options, Heavy duty floor
Tongue & groove timber lining and insulation, Painted MDF lining and insulation, Laminate flooring

Integral open sided areas, additional windows, privacy style vent windows, internal partition walls can also be added

EPDM rubber roof, guttering and downpipe to rear, tinted glass, brass or black ironmongery

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