5 ways to be most productive when working from home

Many people have been adapted to working from home over the past two years. Was it finally a dream come true for you? Or did working from home turn out to be a total nightmare?

As COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, some people have returned to the office, whilst other companies are allowing employees to work from home on an ongoing basis.

If working from home is here to stay in your household, here are our top 5 tips to help you stay as focused and productive as possible.

1. Have a dedicated workspace

Working from the kitchen table might have been a short term stopgap, but it’s not the best long term solution. Having a separate space to work helps you divide work and home life. Of course, we’re biased, but a garden building home office can be the perfect way to work from home. You can maintain clear boundaries between work and home life with a short walk to work. With careful design, your garden office could also double up as a home gym or relaxing outdoor space, as well as add value to your home.

2. Think about your body

No one can be productive if they are in pain. If you are working from home regularly, you need a proper desk that you can pull a chair underneath and a supportive, height-adjustable chair. Are you employed? Your company should carry out a health and safety assessment with you and may provide you with suitable equipment. Self-employed? There’s some excellent advice on the HSE website about home working, including a video about maintaining good posture when sitting at your computer. If you start to feel any pain like lower back pain, see help from a health expert like a physiotherapist or chiropractor. Ignoring pain may end up making things worse, not better.

3. Create noise to suit your mood

For some people, working from home can be lonely. Do you miss the noise and chatter of the office? Having the radio on in the background can be a great way of making sure you don’t feel alone. The plus side of working from a home office is that you can be in charge of your space. Why not create Spotify playlists to suit your mood? Perhaps some energising tunes to get your going on a Monday morning or relaxing music for when stress levels are high. Don’t be afraid to embrace the silence too. Whilst it might seem strange if you’ve come from a busy office environment, some people love the peace, away from distractions.

4. Change your scenery – both inside and out

Like with music, working from home means you can control your space. That could mean putting motivational quotes on the walls to inspire you when needed. Creating vision boards to keep you focused on your goals. Chop and change your environment to help you stay on track. But don’t be afraid to step away from the desk too. Whilst every job has different requirements, everyone needs a break. Taking regular breaks enables you to re-energise and refocus. Whether it’s a walk a lunchtime, a few stretches whilst you make a coffee or a break to walk the dog, fresh air is vital.

5. Avoid household distractions

It can be easy to get sidetracked by household chores when working from home. Just putting the washing on, or filling the dishwasher. Doing a spot of weeding in the garden or finishing a DIY project. If you can fit these in a break, fine. But if they impact work time, you’ll always be playing catch up. This is where a separate space like a self-contained garden office can really help. With the right equipment and a bit of organisation, you can install fridges, have kettles and lunch ready so that you don’t have to re-enter the house and see that washing up until work is done.

Our home offices come in a range of styles and sizes and can be tailored to your needs. They are fully insulated for year-round use. All come with stylish finishes to suit you, including cedar cladding, fully lined and painted walls, double doors, electrics, laminate flooring, an infrared heater and our popular pallet wood feature wall.

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