Deponti Giallo in Graphite

The Giallo canopy allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year, beautiful, smooth and robust.

Enjoy your morning coffee or enjoy watching the sun set, its the perfect spot to sit and relax no matter what the weather does and provides unobstructed views to your garden.

The Giallo is known for its smooth, robust look and is equipped with a reinforced gutter profile, allowing this canopy to be wall mounted with just two posts with a span of 6 metres so you can get maximum open views. The Giallo comes with standard polycarbonate roof with a variation of different types to choose from and other accessories available such as side walls, LED lighting and side panels.

Sizes from approximately 4m (w) x 2.5 m(d)


Colour options on profiles – White, Cream or Anthracite
Round or classic gutters
Half round or square posts
Different widths and depths available

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