Deponti Pigato Canopy in Graphite

The Pigato is a luxury aluminium canopy with a reinforced steel strip in the profile, meaning that it can be fitted with a laminated glass roof as standard. This will give you the perfect lighting, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without losing any light in your home.

A perfect extension to your home, the Pigato allows you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year whatever the weather does. Add glass sliding doors, shown here at one end providing the perfect wind breaker and enjoy your garden despite any windy and rainy days. When the weather allows, simply open the doors and enjoy !

This canopy comes with various options for styles and guttering and posts that best match your home and garden.

Added options available with various accessories such as a side wall, LED lighting and side panels.

Sizes from approximately 4m (w) x 2.5 m(d)


Colour options on profiles – White, Cream or Anthracite
Round or classic gutters

Polycarbonate roof
Half round or square posts
Different widths and depths available

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